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Friday, 30 March 2012

A Black Cloud

A black cloud has appeared over us in more than one way.  Today it looks like we are loosing the unseasonably warm weather, it's cloudy and it is set to get cooler over the weekend and next week, just in time for the kids half term holidays.

The other black cloud is my daughter was bitten by a dog on Wednesday evening.  We live in a small village in the Cotswolds and she went to the park with her friends after school for an hour and on her way back home she was passing a house that has a Great Dane as it's guard dog and the dog jumped over the wall and grabbed her hand in his mouth.  She managed to pull away and run home but she was covered in blood and we had to take her to A&E.  I went round to speak to the owners and they promised that they would keep the dog away from that part of their property so it can't get over the wall but they haven't.  The police spoke to them last night and I just walked past there and it's still there.  The house is opposite the primary school and I am worried that someone is going to come off a lot worse than Lily did.

I am so angry with them for not keeping this dog in their property, fair enough that they need a guard dog but it should not be allowed to get at the public.  They are rich and think that they are above everyone else but if it was the other way around and my dog had bitten one of their children I am sure I would have been banged up by now!

Sorry that this is such a gloomy blog but I just needed to get it out there.

Take care everyone xxx


  1. I thought dogs got put down if they bit people? Try contacting the local newspaper about the matter. Threat of public exposure always puts pressure on people. And maybe even the primary school to give them warning.

  2. My freind daughter was bitten by thier own dog on her mouth and the dog was put down it was vey sad and the poor girl aged 11 is having a bad time

  3. We are just waiting for the police to follow it up on Thursday then we will see. My daughter is only 11 too and now she is afraid to go out on her own.