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Friday, 23 March 2012

April's Cross Stitcher Magazine

I am a sad muppet, I only discovered this magazine last month and it's fast becoming my favourite.  How did I not know about this one, they are on issue 251!  The thing I love about this magazine is that it's different from the others, I am not say I don't like the others far from it I love them all, but this one has a bit more stylish designs in it.  I will stitch anything but for me to put it in a frame on the wall it's got to be something special and I have found quite a few designs in the past two issues that I am itching to start.

 This month we got a lovely John James Pebble free with the magazine with 4 needles inside.  I got the lovely green coloured one.
 I really like the idea of these DMC colour sample charts....
 And this blackwork looks good too, although Im not a huge fan of backstitch, I think I would enjoy stitching these.
 This birth sampler is really pretty, I just need someone to have a baby now so I can make it.
 I just can't wait for next months issue!!!!


  1. Well, I was annoyed that this issue came out. My sister sends me 'Gorjuss' postcards/cards and she has mentioned that she is running out of the designs. So I have decided to peek at the website to check what I have left to look forward to ... and on the blog they have mentioned that they have a cross stitch chart in the March issue. And naturally I find out once the next one is out - so now I am bidding mad on ebay. I subscribe to the World of Cross Stitching, which has been my favourite for a long time, but I am beginning to get a few issues where I don't like anything in them. Maybe it is time to change to Cross Stitch Gold. Good luck with the blog, it takes some time to accumulate traffic ... I have a total of 15 followers (1 of which is my sister), and I have started back last summer. Getting involved in cross stitch community is rather simple with all the SALs going on. My favourites are TUSAL and Wipocalypse.

  2. I'm a fan of CrossStitcher from the 1st issue, but it was their total change in 2010 when I decided to spend 51 GPB (oh my God!) for my over-seas subscribtion! And you know, the mag is worth its every penny! I was a subs of The World of Cross stitching for 1 year also, but several issues were too boring for me: the same fairies, flowers, cuties... so, no more of it, only my beloved CS!
    I saw your bloglink at the Facebook page and stopped to watch! Have a nice blogging! And welcome to me: smilylana.blogspot.com. My blog is in 2 languages, so, feel free to read and use the tag system to find exact what you're interested in (see the right panel)