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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Reasons to Be Cautious

A few years ago I bought a chart from Ebay of a Tiger Lazing on a tree.  It looked amazing but I didn't get around to stitching it straight away so it was put in my stash until this year.  I made really good progress on it and it wasn't until I was about half way through the actual tiger that I noticed a huge difference in colour from the picture that came with the chart.  So I double checked it and I was using the correct DMC shades.

I just think the person who converted the picture wasn't using very good software and the problem with buying from Ebay is even if I had stitched this straight away after purchase, it still would have taken a couple of months so therefore there is no way of complaining about it.

I'm not saying that everyone who sells charts on Ebay are bad, far from it, I have had many that have been brilliant but just be cautious.


  1. I presume the one you have stitched is the top one. I actually like those colours more than the ones from the bottom picture. What worries me more about buying things on eBay, as I don't think I'd buy charts that someone has converted from pictures, which anyone can do with free software (excluding macs since there is one released for 40 quid), is the copyright. Has the person got copyright of the image before they have changed it to a cross stitch chart. And even so they should have cross stitched it themselves and provided an image of that. I bought a few CDs for £2 each of various compilations, like Somebunny to Love, and found them just written from a computer. I have e-mailed the person then regarding it and they said they are within the law. But every cross stitch design regardless of if it states is copyrighted automatically. And all those images were scanned in. I just haven't shopped from that seller again.

  2. Hi Lija, I never really thought of it that way, that they may not have copyright to the image! I think I will stick to charts that I have bought from shops from now on.

  3. Hello!

    I like your stitched version better too!
    Like Lija, I would question whether or not they had checked the copyright!

    Happy stitching!

  4. I quite like the stitched version too. However, I agree with you that people should be cautious about buying photos converted to charts. I have tried converting personal photos to charts myself... but it's not an easy task and I've never got any good results.